2,000 free parking spaces

Parking problems? ...not here!!

CITTI-PARK Flensburg has 2,000 free parking spaces for you – 1,200 of them are under cover.
(Every parking space is at least 2.50 m wide)
Our pioneering parking guidance system will guide you quickly and effectively to the nearest free parking space.

Multi-storey car park opening hours:
Mo. - Sa.: 7.30 - 20.45 o'clock

Additional free parking for buses, motorcycles and caravans are available.

Opening hours
Mo. - Sa.: 
07:30 - 20:45 o’clock
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You have the opportunity to log onto the internet for free in the CITTI-PARK. You just need a Wi-Fi enabled notebook or smart phone. (Simply select "CITTI-PARK", accept the terms and conditions and go to the login. You don’t need a password.)

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Free electric vehicle charging station

There’s now a charging point for electric vehicles in front of the CITTI-PARK! Charge your electric vehicle free of charge whilst you go shopping in CITTI-PARK. Fuel cards are available from the CITTI-Markt information desk.

Type: „MENNEKES Ladesäule Premium S 22“ mit automatisierter Leistungsanpassung auf 11 KW (dreiphasig).

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CITTI Ticketcenter

We have tickets for all top local, regional and national events. Whether it’s a musical, concert, theatre or show as well as bus and train tickets.

The Ticket Centre can be found at the entrance to CITTI Markt.

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Always the right gift idea

With our gift cards you can always make someone happy. The perfect last minute gift, which leaves nothing to be desired!

You can obtain vouchers in the value of EUR 5, EUR 10 and EUR 25 at CITTI Ticketcenter (Entrance of CITTI-Markt) or from the automated machine (beside Apollo-Optik).

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Customer toilets

You can find free toilets and disabled toilets on the ground floor and top floor.

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Cash dispenser

You will find Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse and VR-Bank Nord cash dispensers here.

At the CITTI Markt
At the CITTI Markt cash desks you can now withdraw up to 200 € from your checking account with your EC/debit card without withdrawal fees.

At dm
You can withdraw money from your giro card at the dm cash-desks (min. one article, no shopping value). The maximum withdrawal is 200 €.

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"medicum", the large, new modern health centre with specialist practices on the top floor over an area of 3,200 square metres:

The first few practices are already fully operational and others will follow shortly. Five modern specialist practices with 11 experts in ear, nose and throat medicine, orthopaedics, dentistry, gynaecology and ophthalmology are also incorporated into medicum in CITTI-PARK. medicum’s range of services are supplemented by other therapeutic medical facilities, such as a specialist medical suppliers retailer, a hearing aid audiologist, a cosmetics and foot care studio, a beauty clinic as well as a well-known physiotherapy practice.

St. Michael Apotheke on the ground floor of the CITTI-PARK allows patients to hand in their prescriptions, ideally in the store.

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Post office

You will find our post office at the entrance to CITTI Markt: You can send letters, parcels and small packets here. The post office services include Infopost, oversized letters, registered mail, forwarding requests as well as the sale of stamps, pack sets and pre-franked envelopes. You can also purchase top-up credit for your mobile phone.

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Buggy hire

Parents can hire a buggy free of charge (€ 20 refundable deposit) at the entrance to our KIDS-CLUB (top floor). Fabulous buggies are available to families with small children throughout the time they are shopping whilst the KIDS-CLUB is open (Mon - Fri 12:00 pm - 06:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am - 06:00 pm).

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Wheelchair hire

Sanitätshaus Schiebler now offers the free hire of wheelchairs for visitors to CITTI-PARK. After presentation of your ID card and a € 50 deposit, you will get one of our wheelchairs for the duration of your shopping trip. From Mon-Fri 08:30 am - 06:00 pm and Sat 09:00 am - 01:00 pm.

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Baby changing facilities

Baby changing facilities are available next to the customer toilets for our youngest visitors.

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Lockers are available for your shopping trolleys and shopping bags so that you can relax whilst you’re shopping.

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Free charging stations for smart phones and tablets

Near Bäcker Meesenburg and CB (ground floor) you can find a free charging station for smart phones and tablets.

Place your device into one of the six lockers (you assign the PIN), connect it to the appropriate charger cable (found inside the locker) and charge it for free.

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Arrival by bus

You can also reach us easily by bus! Line 11 brings you directly to CITTI-PARK.

You can find more information here.

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Arrival by bike / on foot

Pedestrians and cyclists can reach CITTI-PARK easily on foot and by bike: You can find bicycle racks in front of the CITTI-PARK and in our multi-storey car park.

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In case of emergency, a defibrillator can be found at the CITTI-management (Entrance of CITTI-Markt).

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Lounge / Comfortable seating

You can relax in one of our comfortable seating areas on the ground floor and top floor.

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(P+R) Park and ride area

Is looking for a parking spot down town stressing you?

Not anymore: Just simply park your car at the park and ride area at the CITTI-PARK Flensburg. On our map you can see where the P+R area is.

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Free Bicycle Repair Station

If you have a flat tyre or a problem with your gear-shift, you can find a free bicycle repair station in front of the CITTI-PARK.

The station is equipped with a set of common tools and an air pump, everyone can use it day and night.

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Dogs on a leash are of course welcome in the CITTI-PARK Flensburg.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that is it not permitted by law to take dogs into stores that sell food. The following applies in our centre:
Grill Hytte
vom Fass

Opening hours
Mo. - Sa.: 
08:00 - 20:00 o’clock
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Immediate mobile phone (Tablet PC) repairs

„Media Markt Power Service“ offers immediate mobile phone repairs. Display change, battery replacement and related repairs for all common mobile phones at a fair price.

Additional information can be obtained at Media Markt directly.

Opening hours
Mo. - Sa.: 
10:00 - 20:00 o’clock
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Camper parking space

The free parking are for camper is at the opposite of the main entrance of the CITTI-PARK. You can park there during your shopping. The slots are asphalted and illuminated. 

• free disposal station for grey and black water

• supply of fresh water (100 l cost 1,- Euro)


Wohnmobilstellplatz CITTI-PARK Flensburg
Lilienthalstr. 6, 24941 Flensburg

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